Thursday, July 19, 2012

When saving a console file...wait for ACCESS!

Live sound and commercial audio professionals often work on multiple Yamaha digital consoles. Storing an ALL console file makes bringing your mix with you easy, whether it is on an LS9, M7CL, or CL series console. Even though the process of saving a file may take less than a minute, the console is working hard to make sure everything is transferred over completely! You will always know that the console is at work when the ACCESS message appears on the console screen. As soon as the message returns to the current user title (for example. ADMIN, or GUEST), you know that it is safe to pull the USB flash drive out. Below are some screen shots to show an example of how it would appear on an M7CL series console. The location of the message is similar on the LS9, M7CL and CL series consoles.

M7CL: I'm Finished!

M7CL: Can't Touch This!

If you do not wait for the ACCESS light to turn off, the console file may become corrupted. Trying to load this file into the console may cause it to malfunction, a bad situation for any FOH or monitor engineer! So what's the lesson? When saving your console file, finish a crossword puzzle, read a book or find some interesting shapes in the clouds...anything but pull out your flash drive while ACCESS is on!

Good luck on the next show!

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