Wednesday, June 27, 2012

01V96i Quick Start Guide

We've just released a brand new Quick Start Guide for our 01V96i Digital Mixing Console to help make your transition to the 01V96i even easier.  This guide isn't designed to replace the manual but it will be quite helpful for those of you familiar with mixing console theory looking to jump on an 01V96i for the first time.

The beginning of the guide runs through basic console operation and signal flow which many of you may already be familiar with if you've used an 01V96 in the past.  In addition to this however; the guide also offers tips on recording via USB to Cubase AI as well as setting up and syncing with the 01V96i Editor.  Towards the end of the guide you'll find some great shortcuts and tips perfect for maximizing productivity with the 01V96i.

If you have questions about some part/s of the guide you can always refer back to the owner's manual for further clarification or call into our Technical Support Department for help over the phone. 

Link to: 01V96i Quick Start Guide

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