Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yes it is finally here, the SB168-ES our Digital Snake

We now have a great option for people looking for a digital snake solution, our SB168 ES. The product has 16 inputs and 8 output in a 3 rack space box. The system is based on the EtherSound Technology, high-quality bidirectional multi-channel transmission capabilities, and its use of easily obtainable CAT5e cable. From there you just need to have the MY16-ES64 and MY16- EX mini-YGDAI cards to connect to a Yamaha digital console.

Well enough for now, how about if you look for us at AES?
We will be there presenting our new family member.
Hope to see you there.


David said...

Any hi rez photos?

Jonathan (M7CL-Charolette) said...

Would like some Hi-Res Photos too. Any links to more info?

Jose Perez said...

Hey guys visit our website for more information and pictures.

David S said...

Hey Jose!!

So have you boys got a chance to play with this puppy yet?


Where does the preamp fall in line? M7, 5D, 5K?

Is it easier to setup then the DSP5D?

When is the M12 coming out with 12DCA's, 2 layers, and 32 mix buses?

Or is there maybe a firmware upgrade coming to run 96 inputs on an M7 with 48 at the surface and the other 48 via the box??

And is it mac compatable:O)


David in Orlando!

Arjan said...

Is there an indication, what the price is going to be for europe??