Wednesday, May 23, 2007

PM5D Advanced in Nashville

Thank you Nashville...

Nashville is a city that means a lot to us and we are always happy to come back.

Our Advanced class was big and the people that came to it were great.

People from different areas of the audio world came to spend time with us and we really like that.

Remember to break those "All Data files" and start using the different libraries.

Thank you guys, we will see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Jose seeked out the smallest guy in the class and finally found him! Dude how's the air down there? I heard the front office girls asking if you were old enough to be in the class! Your the man Jose!

Joe said...

Ok as I sit here I thought of a few Jose jokes.

Jose are you tall enough to go on the adult rides at the amusement parks?

Jose is so short he drives a MINIvan

Jose's favorite dessert is SHORT cake

Jose do u want to be taller? Then stand around babies and you'll look AT LEAST a couple INCHES taller

and finally

I wonder how old you were when you when you got you growth spurt? I guess it never happened

All in love my brother!


Jose Perez said...

You guys are good.
I am sitting here in the back of the room at Soundcheck while Andy is doing his presentation reading the comments and just having a good time.
I really like the humor, no worries, I know the love is huge.
Thank you guys,jose

Chopper Kovach said...

I must say that I really enjoyed the classes in Nashville. Except for the birds that found my truck!!!
I wish you would have more seminars and bring some of them down towards Atlanta. Jose, Andy and Shaun are the best in training. You guys rock.

Shaun "MANNY" Kamiya said...

Hi Chopper,
Thanks for your comment.
I hope we will go back to Atalanta early next year. Please wait for our next schedule.