Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New 01V96i Digital Mixing Console

Today from Shizuoka, Japan Yamaha announced the release of our brand new 01V96i digital mixing console.  The original 01V96 has remained the industry standard for small format digital mixing consoles since it's release in 1998.  The new 01V96i begins where it's predecessor left off, featuring the same efficient layout we're all familiar with, plus some new features sure to please even the most discerning digital desk user.  The 01V96i will be shown to the public this weekend at IneterBEE 2011 in Japan.  Details on the new features and components added to the 01V96i can be found below.

16in/16out USB 2.0 Digital Audio Interface for your Computer @ 96kHz

The 01V96i's biggest upgrade is the new built in 16in/16out USB 2.0 audio interfacing capabilities for use with your DAW.  The console can now function as a 16 channel audio interface for your computer allowing you to record up to 16 channels of audio from the 01V96i directly into your DAW.  The Interface can also be used as a D/A allowing you to mixdown tracks from your DAW with the 01V96i's smooth 100mm automated faders.  This was always possible through midi but now you can actually mix down audio on the console from your DAW utilizing the desk's stereo buss.  The 01V96i comes bundled with Steinberg's Cubase Al so you're able to start tracking and mixing immediately.  It also still sports the ADAT I/O as well as one Mini-YGDAI card slot for further I/O expansion.

Top of the Line VCM  Effects are Pre-Installed

Some of the very same effects that come with our top of the line professional mixing consoles are now standard on the 01V96i.  These effect algorithms model the circuitry of analog gear right down to the last capacitor & resistor making them one of the most accurate forms of analog modeling for the digital audio realm.  These effects can give your projects that warm analog feel without having to purchase and haul around any outboard gear.  The 01V96i packs a few tape deck models from our VCM Master Strip Series as well as the Vintage Stomp VCM effects pack right out of the box.

Original 01V96 users won't be lost on the new 01V96i as the new desk's controls are essentially the same as it's predecessor.  This new console will be right at home in just about any studio or on the road; perfect for live tracking and critical mixes in the flattest of control rooms.

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