Friday, November 18, 2011

MY8-LAKE Announced

Yamaha and Lab.gruppen have teamed up to offer the live sound world legendary Lake processing directly from our digital consoles.  The MY8-LAKE offers advanced Lake technology featuring the: Mesa EQ, Ideal Graphic EQ, linear-phase crossover, and other DSP tuning features designed specifically for Yamaha digital mixing consoles. 

The compact MY8-LAKE comes loaded with processing power sure to suit just about any application. In Mesa Mode (Sytem EQ) the MY8-LAKE offers up to 8 inputs & 8 outputs, in Contour Mode (Crossover) you have 4 inputs with 12 outputs.  These two modes can also be combined, offering the user the flexibility that is demanded today by the live sound industry.

I/O configuration can be setup with the card's onboard AES connection or via the consoles multiple insert points.  Add this to the fact that the MY8-LAKE card can be run at 96, 88.2, 48, or 44.1 kHz and it's clear this card is ready for just about anything you can throw at it.  Lake Controller Software can be run on a Windows PC giving you control over the MY8-LAKE's feature set as well as other Lake devices in your system.  The software also plays nicely with Smart sound system measurment software, giving you the peace of mind that is so critical during system tuning.

As of right now pricing information is not available yet, the release date however is set for around Spring 2012.  If you're interested in the MY8-LAKE or any of our other Mini-YGDAI cards be sure to check out our website for more information.


Shaun "MANNY" Kamiya said...

I heard a question about PM1D (DIO8) compatibility.
We are planing to support MY8-AT emulation mode with the lake card. After you change its operation mode from MY8-AE96 to MY8-AT, it will be recognized as a MY8-AT in PM1D system.
Please wait for result of our development.


Alfredo Prada said...

This appears to be the only way to app graphic eq via a card to the 01v96 mixers, but at the cost of the Lake card is not economical at all. Are there any plans to make a more economical card with graphic eq ?