Friday, August 22, 2008

Assign a static IP address to your PC

Which is better to assign an IP address to my PC, automatic (DHCP) or static?

We recommend to assign a static IP address to your PC.
Automatic assignment from your network's DHCP server is very convenient, but usually the server update the assigned IP address every few hours and it would reset Studio Manager or DME Designer connection.
Windows XP
1 Select [Start] → [Control Panel].
The “Control Panel” is displayed.
2 If the “Control Panel” is in Category display, click [Switch to Classic View].
3 Double-click [Network Connections] → [Local Area Connection].
The “Local Area Connection Status” dialog box will be displayed.
4 Click [Properties] on the [General] tab.
The “Local Area Connection Properties” dialog box will be displayed.
5 Select [Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)] on the [General] tab, then click [Properties].
The “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties” dialog box will be displayed.
6 Click [Use the following IP address] on the [General] tab.
7 Enter your computer’s IP address into [IP address]***Do not use the same number as the console***, (i.e.,, the Gateway’s IP address into [Default gateway], and “” into [Subnet mask].
* When installing on the same subnet as the DME unit(s), set the gateway’s host address to 254.
8 Click [OK].
9 Restart your computer.

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Jack said...


If anyone out there is like me and uses their laptop to connect to more than one network on a regular basis, there may be a better option.

Most routers allow for a "Static DHCP Client List." Every router's instructions will be slightly different so consult your router's documentation for more information. By creating an entry in this list for your laptop, your laptop will always have the same IP address when connected to that network and you will continue to automatically receive an IP address when you connect to other networks.