Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Input delay for M7CL/LS9?

This is the first tip/FAQ.

Unfortunately, there's no delay processor on the input channel. So basically you need to insert something to the channel.

You can use an internal rack unit with Mono-Delay program to insert to the channel. But here is a trick.

Do you have a MY-slot you are not using?
Those consoles have 0-600msec Output Port Delay for all output ports including all of MY-slots. Install MY16-AT (or other digital card) and create a loop from its OUT to IN. Insert the port of the looped MY-slot to have its output Port Delay for the input channel. Please remember to turn the Insert ON.
To change the delay time, please go to Output Port Setup screen.
Now, you have 16 delay units ready to be inserted to any input or output channel.

With this insert patch and the external loop, the channel will have little extra delay (much less than 1 msec). Even you set the delay to 0 msec, the channel is delayed by several samples compare to the other channels which don't have the insertion.

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