Friday, April 11, 2008

MONITOR and/or CUE master fader

Can I have a MONITOR and/or CUE master fader on the console?

(PM1D, M7CL) Yes, but you need external wiring. Please refer to "PM1D Short-Cut List" or "M7CL Short-cut List" (or refer to "Monitor Mix on M7CL").

(PM5D) Yes. With version 2 firmware, you can assign MONITOR or CUE master level control to STEREO A or B master fader.

(LS9) Yes. Monitor Master fader can be assigned to CUSTOM FADER layer. MONITOR ON MASTER FADER function is also available for User Defined Keys. If this is on, you can use the master fader to control the monitor level, and the ON key to switch the monitor output on/off.

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