Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Intel Mac won

As you could imagine, Intel Mac won the poll.

Just for your information.
According to the access log of this page, in the recent three months, 18% of access was Mac users.

Thank you for your vote.
I'm thinking about the next one.


Rick said...

So does this mean that Yamaha "might" work on a solution for all of us that use Intel based Macs instead of PC's?

David said...

One could only hope.

So i guess a survey with only 20 responses is really representative of the whole industry???

What does that tell about the traffic for this site perhaps??

Maybe the mac guys gave up n bought dig mix racks instead and dont come here.

Maybe the PC guys did not respond to the survey.

Part of the rub here is that Studio Manager can run on a Mac just fine, there is just not an M7 editor.

Yes you could use Bootcamp and yes you could use Parralles, but it can be a pain at times.

I'm typing this from an available PC cause it is here. Not because it is hooked up to a console.

With the intel based sytems having a mac editor "should" be easier then ever before.