Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Short-cut (PM5DV2 Editor)

Shortcut techniques for the editor software.
Most of the short-cut are common between the other Editor programs.

Set Nominal/Set Default
Ctrl+Click or Ctrl+Shift+Click is very useful. It can be used even for flattening one frequency band in a PEQ.

Channel Copy (Ctrl+C)/Paste (Ctrl+V)

DM/0 series, PM5D v2, and DSP5D editor has the function.

Undo (Ctrl+Z)/Redo (Ctrl+Y)
It cannot undo operations on the console, but most of operations on the program can be undone and it is not only one level.

Mix ON/OFF from the overview (INPUT CH) window
You can turn this on/off by clicking the number at the left.
You can also adjust the send levels by dragging a bar graph to left or right.

Open the Selected Channel window
You can doubleclick the channel number ((12) in the picture right) to open the Selected Channel window for this channel. If you hold down your computer keyboard’s Ctrl key and double-click this, the Locked window will open.

Export Channel Name list to a file
Open the Patch Editor window and select the Patch List page.
By clicking the "EXPORT" button, input patch, output patch, and channel name data can be written to a CSV file.
You can print or edit the file with a spreadsheet program. You can load the edited file to the PM5D later.

(Please refer to the PM5DV2/DSP5D Editor Owner's Manual for more details.)

By the way, I added hardware short-cut info to the last post. Please check the post again.

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