Monday, March 24, 2008

Copy the Libraries to the console (PM5D)

We copied a few Scenes to the console.
Scene memory on M7CL and LS9 has all mixing and patch information in it and you don't need any extra operation, basically. But PM5D has some separate Libraries linked to the Scene and you need to copy these Libraries with the Scene to the console to obtain a right Scene setup.

Scene has mixing parameters but patch, HA, or channel name information. (PM5DV2 Owner's Manual p.87) These parameters are stored in Input Patch Library, Output Patch Library, or HA library and they need to be copied to the console, too.

Let's use the same technique to copy the libraries to the console. Then, redo the link assignment between the Scene and the Libraries.

Every Scene has link information for each Input Patch, Output Patch, and HA Library. In the sample screen shot, the Scene 003 is linked to the Input Patch 01, the Output Patch 03, and the HA Patch 002. When you copy a Scene from Studio Manager to the console, the Scene only remember the number in the Libraries.
For example, the console has different Scenes and Input Patch 01
"Not for the ACT2". When Scene 003 "ACT2" is copied from the Studio Manager, the console already has Input Patch 01 and it will be linked to the Scene 003 "ACT2" automatically. You will need to copy the Input Patch 01 "Opening" from the Studio Manager to an empty Library memory of the console, let's say Input Patch Library 04, and change the link of the Scene 003 "ACT2" to the Input Patch 04 "Opening" manually.
This operation can be done by the Studio Manager (online) or on the console.

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