Friday, November 16, 2007

Tristan James from Chicago!

Thank you, Tristan with the great pictures!!

"Hi, this is Tristan. I was at one of your classes in Chicago a few months ago. I think I took both of the pm5d classes and an m7cl class or something. Anyway, the classes were fun, food was great, and I learned some great tips for working with the consoles.

"Anyway, I do the audio advancing for a few touring bands and I also do their monitors.

"Here are some pics of me doing monitors on tour with the actor Gary Sinise's Lt. Dan Band. I'm running 38 inputs and 24 mixes for wedges and in-ears and I couldn't think of an easier way to mix that many channels without this console. It's a breeze to copy my graphs and inserrt basically as much processing as I need, wherever I need it. If only it could tell me what which 19 wireless frequecies I can use with the mics, in-ears, and instruments, haha. Wanna give me an
endorsement? Wouldn't want me to spec a Midas now would ya? Haha, just kidding. Anyway, I love the console and the new OS kicks ass by the way,

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