Friday, November 16, 2007

Chris Trupe with US Navy Band!

Thank you, Chris!
How are the PM5D and DSP5D working?

"I am the sound engineer for the US Navy Band in Washington DC. I am the engineer for the Country Band. It is a 7 piece band, I am currently using the Yamaha DM2000 for the band, and have had the console for about 5 years now. I am the only engineer, so I am running 7 in ear mixes from FOH, and running about 32 inputs. A lot of my inputs are doubled up since we do country and bluegrass. Going direct with guitars, fiddle, etc, and then miking them for the bluegrass portion of the show. We are using mostly Shure and Neumann products. KMS 105's on vocals, KM184's on fiddle and acoustic guitars, Shure Beta 52, 56, and 98's on the kit with VP88 for overhheads. Shure KSM32's on banjo and mandolins. We are also carrying a Meyer PA, mostly MTS-4A's and UPA's.

"We just got a PM5D, and a DSP5D. Literally, we just got them in and they are still in the cardboard boxes on our loading dock. The DSP5D will be for when we do productions with all of the different Navy Bands. I am excited to get the 5D up and implemented into the country band, one big reason is now we can go to stereo in ears. Being the only engineer, I hope that this will give the mixes some separation as I can't constantly monitor the in ear mixes during the show since I will be mixing FOH for the show.

"The first application we will probably use both units for is our big production in Washington DC at Constitution Hall for our annual Christmas Concert Production. We will use the 5D and the DSP5D. Then after the new year will implement the 5D into the country band.

"First pic (197) is from a gig in York, PA, the second (49) is in Murphy's, CA, and last (35) in Sun City, AZ.

"Here is a link of the bands website -

"Also, I am trying to pass the word that the Navy Band is looking for a FOH engineer for one of their bands.

"Thanks for the seminars guys, and hope to keep in touch and catch one of your next sessions.

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