Wednesday, May 30, 2007

E.L. Copeland from Ohio!

Here are the first pictures from our friend, e.l..
He was in the first class on this week in Chicago.
Thanks a lot!

"Here are the pics, thasnks so much I learned alot yesterday tell Jose he loses the bet!"

e.l. and Tony AFRAM festival Norfolk, VA

e.l. at the helm again
(That is a M3000A. I worked a little for the console development in 1998)

e.l. @ 136-32 productions Queens, NYC note the yamaha AW4416
(and MSP5 is also in the picture.)

e.l. in control room National Recording Studios, DC
(I can see NS10.)

e.l. mixing at hob, LA

Maria and e.l. in monitor land w/PM5D at Radio City on the Keane tour 8th day sound rig
(Oh, finally PM5D is there!)

Who is next?

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