Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Meet Mr. Wilson

Jeff is our district manager for multiple cities and we have the chance to spend sometime with him few times a year while visiting the different areas where he works.

He is just a great guy and always making us laugh.

When I look at Jeff the first thing that comes to my mind is one of the best three dinners we had on the road, sitting down at his dinner table with his wife and two daugthers while in Kansas.

Get ready Wilson family, we are going back soon...


JD from Nashville class said...

What is happening? Who's the short guy in that picture? He is almost as tall as his thumb! Well I have to tell you there are some ugly people in The Windy City! I am just kidding hehehe Chicago make sure you ask Andy to sing for you! He is amazing. Manny can you please try not to look so smart in those pictures. Put on a rock shirt or something! Ok all I am outta here have fun in ya class and catch all my firends soon!

Jd said...

Wilson was in the movie Cast Away! Everyone together now MR. WILSON!