Monday, June 8, 2015

Operation on Overview screen of TF series

With the 1-knob functions and four User Defined Knobs, basic parameters of TF can be operated from the overview screen. 

Default function assignment to the User Defined Knobs below the screen is Gain, EQ, Gate, and Comp. "Gain" controls analog HA gain. If it is a digital input, it controls digital gain. "EQ" controls 1-knob EQ value if the channel have 1-knob EQ turned on. If 1-knob EQ is off, gain for the lastly selected band is controlled. Press the User Defined Knob to open EQ screen to modify details. "Gate" always controls threshold of Gate. "Comp" controls 1-knob Comp value if it is active. If 1-knob Comp is turned off, threshold is the target. 
Touch on the white box. Then, Touch and Turn knob is now PAN control.

These five knobs would help you to setup the console quickly in a busy show. And of course, assignment of the functions to the knobs is flexible.


p.s. The Touch and Turn knob in the overview screen controls the same parameter which the User Defined Knob is assigned to. When you have different assignment to the User Defined Knobs, you still have quick accessibility of these parameters.

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