Wednesday, May 6, 2015

TF Editor V1.10 released

TF Editor V1.10 for Windows has been released.
TF Editor is primarily for off-line edit at preparation and online remote control at operating a console.

It is important for managing your preset files too.
While Editor is online, you can export or import preset files in Library screen. To import a preset file to your console, drug a source file to the Editor window and drop it in the list of preset library. To export a preset file from your console, select a preset in the list, then, drug and drop it to destination on your desktop.
Of course, you can pre-configure your Library offline. Drug and drop files between Editor and your local preset library. Then, save the whole setting as a console file or make the Editor online with synchronizing direction of "PC to Console".

When you install TF Editor to a Windows 8 tablet PC, it can be a wireless remote controller. It allows touch control similar to StageMix. Some of parameters are little small for touch control. We recommend to use StageMix for quick remote control but I think Editor is enough in some cases.

Since its UI screen is very much same as TF console, it could be a good tool to learn TF console operation.

Please download and try it!

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