Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Library for TF Input Channel Preset

TF is shipped with many of channel presets.
Press the "star" button located below the screen to open the library window.

Input channel preset recalls HA settings, EQ, Gate, Comp, Name, Color, Icon, and some of other parameters. Fader level stays as is.

Let me explain concept of the factory preset for input channel little bit.
HA gain is set little safer side. For example, Vocal preset for dynamic microphone is with HA gain set to +30. EQ is the key of these presets. I will explain it deeper in another post. Gate and Comp setting is also set to safer side. In many preset, Gate and/or Comp are disengaged. If it is engaged, threshold is set to minimum in Gate and maximum in Comp. Tweak the threshold based on your input signal. I spent long time to decide color assignment to each instrument because everyone has different preference. Our default is: Drums (blue), Guitars (purple), Keys (pink), Horns (light blue), Vocals (green), etc. Red is not used in factory preset. I reserved this color for your most important channel.

There are other groups of presets for Fx and output channel. They will be explained later.

We are going to add more preset very soon. They will be from Yamaha or partner microphone manufacturers and found here.


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Shunichi Kamiya said...

I forgot to mention something important.
You can edit these preset files to adjust for your applications. And, of course, you can create your own set of preset files from scratch.