Monday, March 11, 2013

CL series V1.5 software available

Software for CL series is updated to version 1.5.
It provides new features, improvements, and fixes.
Here are some new features:
  • Supports the Scene Preview function.
  • Supports the Help function.
  • Ri8-D, Ro8-D, NXAMP with NXDT104, etc. were added as Dante devices which can be detected / patched in CL series.
  • Added a CUE LEVEL knob to the CUE popup window, allowing adjustment of the Cue level. This can be assigned to a Custom Fader.
  • Added a HPF type select button to the HPF/EQ popup window (1ch), and the magnitude of attenuation has an option of -12dB/oct or -6dB/oct.
It is available here.


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