Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New STAGEPAS series is announced

Our speaker and amplifier team worked hard to brush up its sound quality and functionality of the mixer. You will find more capability with this simple system.

Power and SPL have been boosted. Of course, it's not only the numbers, but also speaker units and cabinet were much improved to produce better sound at higher SPL. Please try it at a shop and compare with other systems which state more wattage in their spec sheets. You will see reality.

The mixer has now reverb type, time and send level control which I like. You have more control and may use this product in wider applications.
And Feedback Suppressor (w/ switch) is a big bonus. I tried it at our listening session with SM58, and it worked as expected. I believe it was with 7 dynamic notch filters. It was enough for a small production.

Please find more details on our product page.


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