Monday, March 12, 2012

Dante Controller 3.2.0 Released for Windows & Mac

Audinate recently released a new version of their Dante Controller Software for use with Windows and Mac operating systems. Version 3.2.0 was released in Febuary by Audinate and is available for download from their website.  The new Dante Controller brings slight changes to the software and also addresses some stability and reliability issues from the previous version of Dante Controller (v3.1.2). 

For average users Dante Controller's UI will remain the same, changes have however been made to the "Device View" section of Dante Controller.  These include a renamed and revamped "Device Config" (Formally "Config") tab with a new sample rate "Pull-Up/Down" section.  The "Pull-Up/Down" sample rate selection is only available for the Brooklyn II Dante modules, the MY16 card does not support sample rate pull up/down because it uses a different wordclock from that of the Brooklyn II module. Supported sample rate pull-up/down settings are; +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0%. 

A new "Network Config" tab has also been added, this section allows supported Dante devices to be toggled between "Redundant" & "Switched" modes.  The "Network Config" tab allows the user to specify static IP address for each ethernet port as well.  The Brooklyn II module is the only Dante device to support "Switched" mode but static IP support for the MY16 card may be coming in future firmware updates.

More detailed infromation regarding Dante Controller v3.2.0 can be found in the release notes from Audinate.




Anonymous said...

Does the switched mode setting work with the MY cards? I'm not sure which version of the module those are based on, so can't tell from the release notes. Thanks!

Shunichi Kamiya said...

From my understanding, MY card does not support most of those mode settings. I will double check it.

Shunichi Kamiya said...

Here is updates for the MY16-AUD compatibility.
"Hardware pull-up/down" and "changing to switched mode" will not be supported by MY16-AUD due to its hardware design. But there is a plan to support static IP configuration in a future firmware update.
I hope this information gives clear understanding of the compatibility.