Friday, January 27, 2012

MGP Mixing Consoles Released at NAMM 2012

Winter NAMM 2012 from Anaheim, CA was the most successful ever with over 95,000 attendees from all over the globe. One of the many new products Yamaha showcased at NAMM was our MGP Series of mixing consoles. The MGP line boasts two models, each one sporting the same feature set; the MGP12X and MGP16X.  While the MGP12X and MGP16X differ in channel counts, they both share the new and unique internal components, DSP, and features.  These new innovations come on the heels of decades in professional mixer design and promise to be the premier feature set amongst small format analog mixing consoles.


D-PRE: The MGP series sports Yamaha's latest refinement in its microphone preamplifier circuit.  The D-Pre microphone preamplifier was originally designed by Yamaha to be used in our high-end recording equipment.  The D-Pre's are Class-A mic preamps that utilize an inverted Darlington circuit design.  The Darlington circuit works by employing two transistors, essentially the signal is amplified by the first circuit and then further amplified by the second circuit.  The result is more power with lower impedance giving you, the user unparallelled depth, imagery and warmth.  Fat natural bass and a pristine smooth high end set this mixer apart from others in it's class.  

X-Pressive EQ: Yamaha has spent years developing the classic vintage sound in digital form through work on our VCM line of dynamic digital effects.  Studying sought after signal processing characteristics from legendary gear proved to be valuable as the research directly influenced the design of our new Equalizers on board the MGP Consoles.  The X-Pressive EQ's feature steep shelving of the high and low bands as well as pristine accuracy and response.  X-Pressive EQ gives the engineer the tools needed to process signals with that classic analog vibe offering truly unique possibilities for sound shaping.

1-Knob Compressor: You may be familiar with Yamaha's 1-Knob Compressor from the MGP's predecessor, the MG Line of analog mixing consoles.  The 1-Knob Compressor design offers engineers the dynamic control needed without the hassle of having to tweak multiple knobs.  Featuring optimally set parameters well suited for a wide variety of source material the 1-Knob Compressors are the perfect combination of efficiency and performance.

Hybrid Channel: While the MGP Series are analog consoles they also feature some very powerful on board DSP that provides for an expansive tool set with the feel and response of analog controls.  These stereo channels on the MGP mixers have the same X-Pressive 3 Band EQ as the other input channels but are also capable of other impressive and useful tasks thanks to their unique feature set and on board DSP.  Each stereo channel in the Hybrid Channel section has a Priority Ducker, Automatic Leveler and, Stereo Image control.  

-The Priority Ducker allows one microphone to take priority over another sound source.  Just set it and forget it, no engineer is needed to raise and lower microphone levels.  The attenuation of the music or sound source can also be adjusted depending on what is best for your system and environment. 

-The Leveler is another great feature that is perfect for smaller venues and unattended console operation.  Just turn the Leveler on and any signal input to the Hybrid Channel will all be automatically compressed so that all songs playback at the same volume level.  This makes for a much more pleasurable listening experience for the audience while the console can remain unmanned.

-The Stereo Image function blends the balance between right and left stereo sound sources so that audiences spread over a wide listening area can enjoy the mix much more naturally.  This feature is perfect for venues with multiple zones or speakers that are spread far apart from one another.

Dual Digital Effects: In addition to the stellar dynamic effects offered on board the MGP Consoles there are also professional quality time-based effects taken from Yamaha's professional line of studio mixing consoles.  The Rev-X Reverb package on the MGP offers three open and natural sounding reverbs; Hall, Room, and Plate.  The Rev-X Reverb package has previously never been available on any of our analog mixing consoles.  For even more time-based signal processing flexibility we've also included our famous SPX digital multi-effect processor.  SPX processing provides for 16 adjustable and incredibly useful effects.  Both Rev-X and SPX processes can be used simultaneously on the MGP consoles making for one truly professional effects section.

Digital Connectivity for iPod/iPhone: The MGP desks also are capable of bringing sources in via USB from your iPod or iPhone.  Signal from your iPod/iPhone can either be applied to the 2TR input or one of the Hybrid Channels for further signal processing.  The USB input for your iPod/iPhone also functions as a controller as well. Simply plug in your device equipped with the MGP Editor App (Available in the Apple App Store) and you'll have access to even more effects parameters giving you unprecedented control over the Rev-X and SPX effects.

By now I'm sure you're quite familiar with the MGP Series of analog mixing consoles but, just in case you're hungry for more there's a lot more info on the specifications and features unique to the MGP Series over at our website.  If you have any questions about the MGP Series or anything else related to Yamaha Commercial Audio feel free to give our Technical Support Department a call at: 866-211-9366 (Opt .1) between the hours of 8:30AM-12:00PM and 1:00PM-5:00PM Pacific Standard Time.  Thanks for reading!

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