Friday, October 7, 2011

New LS9 Firmware & Editor Released

Yamaha has just announced the release of their latest version of firmware (1.30) for the LS9, they've also introduced a new version of the LS9 Editor (2.1.4). Dugan-MY16 users will especially enjoy this update as it has given the LS9 the ability to move insert points to post fader in the signal path. This applies to input channels, mix channels, matrix channels, stereo channels, and the mono channel on the LS9. The recall safe feature has also been updated to compliment the new post fader inserts. The channel link function has been altered and a few bugs have been removed from the software as well. Below you'll find the links to the Yamaha website with the full description of changes & links to the downloads.

LS9 Firmware:
LS9 Editor:

-Nick Lucini

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