Tuesday, October 18, 2011

M7CL, LS9 & DME Classes are Coming to the Northwest

Yamaha Commercial Audio Training Seminars will be holding classes on the M7CL, LS9 & DME units during the second week of November in Redmond, Washington.  There are three days of training in all; Novemeber the 8th will feature the M7CL for Advacned Users class, the following day YCATS will hold two classes for the LS9 and wrapping it up on the 10th will be the class for Digital Networks & System Design.

Direct links to the signups are posted below.  You'll also find each class's curriculum on the signup page just in case you want to get a bit more information on the training before you commit.

M7CL For Advanced Users Signups

LS9 Workshop Signups

Digital Network & System Design Signups

-Nick Lucini

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