Monday, November 8, 2010

StageMix now available

It's already been talked in twitter and other places.
The M7CL StageMix is available to download to your iPad.
Have you already tried?
Please let us know what you think.


Anonymous said...

How about for android?

Shaun "MANNY" Kamiya said...

Sorry, but no plan yet.

gcooke said...


Just got this up and running the other day. Pretty cool. Very nice interface.

Set-up was easy and straight forward compared to trying to get my PC laptop connected to the M7 via the wireless access point. No surprise there as it seems like Mac stuff just works.....

StageMix was responsive and didn't crash. My only issue with the software is the lack of scene recall. While for most of my shows that is not an issue, there are some where I wouldn't be able to use the software without scene recall.

Thanks, George

Shaun "MANNY" Kamiya said...

Hi George,

Thank you for your comment.
Scene Recall is one of the most mentioned functions not available in the StageMix.

We will continue to hear your suggestions to make the software better and more useful.
But our first priority is stability and quick response in the iPad hardware as a professional tool.
And,,, compatibility update with the latest V3.5 firmware will be also priority!


Tyler said...

Works well with our M7. We use it at a church and have a audio engineer roam the stage during practices to tweak monitor mixes while the FOH guy focuses on the house mix. I wish it worked with our LS-9 in our other venue.

Chris Rice said...

I got a chance to try this out over the weekend. I must say it was nice to check monitor levels without having someone else at the board. That being said, are there any thoughts about adding DCA control. I couldn't check some of the monitors because I couldn't turn the DCA's up. Also, I may have missed it, Pre/Post selection would be nice. Thanks for this app!

David said...

I use it in a church install and when it loses sync the board also freezes up so when mics are muted from Stage Mix and it loses sync the only way to unmute them is to power down the M7. Is my wireless router not being effective? Also had no luck with cue feature. Does that send to IPad speakers or headphone jack. I couldn't get either to work. I do like seeing signal flow unlike with Studio Manager but I must learn Stage Mix limitations I guess. Overall not a bad app for free!!

Leland "The New Guy" Green said...

Hi David,

StageMix does not receive audio from the console. The program only provides control of the consoles parameters. If you wish to listen to audio from the board using the "Cue" function while walking around the stage, you need to connect a wireless transmitter to the "Monitor" or "Phones" output and transmit that audio to your wireless in-ear monitors.

As for the connection issues you are experiencing. Please refer to the "StageMix User Guide" posted here for tips on how to setup your network and iPad:



fredhon said...

PLEASE tell me there is a plan to release StageMix for the LS9. This would make life soooo much easier.


Jose Perez said...

Hi, How are you?
As you know our engineers are always working on something. We requested the Stage Mix for LS9 but at the moment we have no information about it. We hope we will see something available soon and will let you know as soon as we have information.
Thanks, jose