Monday, August 2, 2010

Mac version uploaded

Hello guys who was waiting for the software!
It's finally available for M7CL and LS9. Please remember to download the Studio Manager host software, the driver and the firmware (only for LS9 users) together.
Please check the compatibility information on the download page before you install them.


Jasen said...

I pulled this down the other day. Great fun to poke around and explore the M7CL while not at the console. Thanks for supporting the Mac!

Jeff said...

Was in a class years back when Mac users seemed upset they braught Macs that were not supported. Pictures were taken of those guys holding there Macs. Well, congradualations Mac users. Finally you're able to control away from your desks. I still don't own a Mac, but now there may be reason to consider it. Because of comments I made at that class, I just needed to comment now.