Tuesday, July 28, 2009

M7CL V2 is released

Thank you for waiting. Please go to yamahaproaudio.com and download the firmware and new Editor software V2.5.0.
Save your data to a USB memory device first, then, upgrade your console.

Your data of version 1 console can be loaded to your V2 console and V2 Editor.
When you store your data with the V2 console/Editor, it will be converted to V2 data format. And it is not compatible with V1 console or V1 Editor.
V1 Editor is for V1 console. When you upgrade your console to V2, you need to install V2 Editor to use with the console.

Please let me know if you find any good or bad thing with the new system.
Thank you!


Pudge said...

Any idea if the Input/Output channel library will make its way into a future LS9 firmware release?

Jose Perez said...

Hi guys, at the moment we don't have any information about a firmware update for LS9 that will include the channel library. I will keep you informed about it, thanks