Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A big step for M7CL

Hello everyone,
All of us were waiting for the information, weren't we?
Please check the items of the update. Is there your request in the list?


David S said...

Very nice!

I really like the new way for sends on a fader from the sendd button. That makes more room in the user defines for other stuff.

Question, so if Matrixes can be sends on fader, could they be now used as auxes more easily??


Dave in Orlando

Shaun "MANNY" Kamiya said...

Yes, it is the idea. Now you have 24 mixes on your M7CL.
(You will change Sends on Fader mode between MIX1-16 and MATRIX1-8 to access all of these mixes.)

Andy said...

For real, or cruelest April Fool's gag ever?

Jose Perez said...

Hey Andy, how are you?
It is for real, no joke...
M7CLv2 here we go