Monday, December 1, 2008

Can I get more DSP power on my M7CL when using an external Power supply?

The answer is no. When you choose to have an external power supply connected to your M7CL (PW800) what you are getting is a secondary power source, a back up power supply.
The PW800 will not give you any more DSP power, that means that you will not be able to get more GEQs or Effects on your M7CL.

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Jose Perez said...

The power is shared between the internal and external power supply. The console will be running 50% on the external and 50% on the internal. If one of the supplies failed the console will switch automatically 100% to the one working correctly. The only person that will know about the problem will be the person behind the console because a message will come up letting you know about the power supply failure.