Monday, October 27, 2008

We are back in Canada, this time is Montreal

Montreal is one of those cities that I always like to come back to. The weather is really nice, thinking that I forgot my jacket at home.
It is our third time here and after a couple of strikes with the places we were using for our seminars we finally found a perfect place for our seminars.
The place is called Showmedia and is a rehearsal studio with all the facilities we need. Loading dock is 5 feet from the room we are using, truck loading dock right there and great power...what else can we ask for? Oh yeah good food, no worries is all cover.

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Anonymous said...

Great job guys!
I really enjoyed my training day and wish I could have stayed on more day...

Great set-up
Great trainers
Great food
Great day ;)

2 thumbs up!

Matt Sévigny