Wednesday, August 6, 2008

M7CL V1.15 and M7CL Editor V2.1.2 released

One more post today.
The updates for M7CL have been released. New firmware V1.15 and Editor software V2.1.2 was uploaded to
The firmware got a small improvement. The Editor got some bug fixes and improvement on its stability. Please check its release note on the download page.

The firmware V1.15 is still compatible with the previous version of Editor (V2.1.1). But we recommend you to upgrade both of them at one time for maximizing your system's performance and your better experience. To have more information about compatibility between different version of firmware and Editor software, please refer to the download page.

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Leland "The New Guy" Green said...

No "Sends on Fader" mode in the updated editor...BOOOOOOO!

kshaffer said...

And, "create user key" colors don't match what the console itself displays. Also, booooo!

David said...



A little more stable,


Sent from a mac in case you are checking:)

Chris said...

Is anyone experiencing any bugs with v1.17? Shortly after installing the update it will ask for the Administrator password before you can load a user key from the USB stick. After reinstalling the update and reinitializing the board everything works fine for awhile and then it starts happening again. Any thoughts?

Shaun "MANNY" Kamiya said...

Hi Chris,

I'm sorry for my late reply.
When you create a user key with an administrator password, the administrator password is stored with the key. After the update, did you change your administrator password? If these administrator passwords, on the key and on the console, are different, your console will ask you to input the current administrator password. To solve this issue, please overwrite the user key file after logging on as the user with the key.

If yours is not this case, please let me know.

Thank you,