Tuesday, August 26, 2008

King of Desserts?!!

For those who don't know, Jose LOVES dessert. I mean Loves it! Dessert with lunch. Dessert with dinner. He even sneaks a candy bar or two to his room every once in a while. But, lately...there's been something strange going on. Jose hasn't had a dessert since Friday, August 15. That's over a week with no dessert! And its not like he was turning down bad stuff either. There was an awesome carrot cake at lunch in Chicago. Some great desserts available at the Park Grill. He's walked by the Cold Stone at least 3 times here in Boston. But nada. Flan, Key Lime Pie, Boston Creme Pie...he's turned them all down!
I'm going to start a pole this week. How long will Jose go without dessert? Look for it tomorrow! The winner will get a cookie. =)


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Dessert? Unless he likes sandy hot places, it should be DESSERT.

Leland "The New Guy" Green said...

What? You've never had a "Sandy" bar?!! =)