Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Challenges while on the road

Yesterday was a very different day for us. Everything started at around 5:30 in the morning when my phone rang, it was Jack our truck driver. I could tell something was not correct, he never calls me at that time. Jose, I am not going to make it on time, he said. I was involved in an accident at around 4:00 am, but did not want to call you that early.
From there he started to explain how someone drove their car under the trailer, but that everyone was fine. They went under the truck on the side where we have the ramp and it is now in the middle of the road, I am not sure if we can use it, do they have a loading dock there?...that was Jack's concern at the moment.
He finally got to our site at around 10:30, the ramp was useless. We rented a forklift and we started our normal day at around noon.
Jack was finally able to calm down after a few jokes with him, but we are always concern about our drivers on the road. He should be enjoying a wonderful week getting the trailer ready for Friday night when he gets our gear to go to Boston.

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