Friday, June 13, 2008

DME frimware V3.09 released

DME got firmware update to V3.09.
This is compatible with DME Designer V3.0.0 or later.

New Features

  • The PM5D console can now communicate with the group master DME whose ID is not limited to only 2 but also allows other numbers, when remotely controlling the DME units from the PM5D (DME Control function). In this case, however, the PM5D firmware must be V2.20 or later.
  • The screen image appearing when the DME64N/24N starts up can now be replaced with a graphic file of your choice in the following way. This function allows you to display a desired startup screen-for example, one that includes your facility's name and logo.

    Preparing the graphic data
    Create the desired graphic data at a size of 160 x 48 dots in black-and-white bitmap format (extension .bmp) and save it as a file with the name "opening.bmp."

    Replacing the graphic data
    Transmit the graphic file ("opening.bmp") to the DME unit using the DME File Storage function from the DME Designer. This image will be displayed at the startup screen from the next time when the DME starts up.

    Other information
    To restore the default startup screen, create a dummy file and change the name to "blank.bmp." and storage it in the same way as above. The default startup screen will be displayed from the next time when the DME starts up.
    The file transmitted to the DME unit using the DME File Storage function will be automatically erased after completing the internal configuration. This means the file is not stored on the DME unit.
    Compatible graphic files are limited to black-and-white bitmap format at a size of 160 x 48. Other graphic files cannot be displayed.
    The "Copyright" indication at the bottom of the screen cannot be erased.
    Only the DME64N/24N is compatible with this function. The ICP1 is incompatible.

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