Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PM5D School in Dallas -- May 6, 2008

Thank you for coming to the class.
We are on the road again in Dallas, TX.

As everyone at the class saw, we have now a new trainer, Mr. Leland Green with us and Jose is the manager of our training dept.
Jose will introduce Leland here soon.

Me? Got a new assignment. But I will be with them for a while to support the classes anyway.
My new responsibility will be achieving better communication between Japan for different technical issues, updates, and your questions and feedback for our products.
Of course, I continue to upload tips here.

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Stephanotis said...

"Select, Tweak, Store" The three little words I use everyday most of my day and every other day! LOL

This was one of the best classes I ever took! I went back to the Venue in Vegas and everything made more sense. I've been to Japan and Back because of the knowledge I acquired at THIS Seminar in Particular! And I STILL USE the white booklet thing you guys handed out when ever I'm working on the PM5D.

I cant wait to free up the schedule so that I can attend more classes in the future!!

You guys are simply the BEST IN THE INDUSTRY!!! Thank You YAMAHA and Thank You Jose, Leland and Shaun!! Keep Rep'n!!

Life is Good!

p.s. excuse my overuse of the exclamation point! lol Glad I found this site again.