Friday, May 9, 2008

0.2M Earthquake Hits Dallas Seminar

If you've been to one of our M7CL training seminars, you've seen Jose grab the touch screen and yank it like there was no tomorrow. Some might call it gear abuse. Others might say Jose needs to attend an anger management course. But those people just don't understand. Jose is one of the nicest guys you've ever met. The only reason he treats his beloved M7CL that way is to demonstrate just how rugged the touch screen is. The guys in the engineering department know life on the road is hard. All of our gear is built to last and capable of withstanding the rigors of the road...and Jose! So next time you're at one of our training sessions, ask Jose for a demonstration. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to oblige.

1 comment:

Mike Nicoletti said...

WOW, and we pay him for that????


I love that demonstration Jose!!