Friday, April 18, 2008

Set a default MIDI port in the Studio Manager

Is my MIDI port setup able to be saved in the Studio Manager software?

Yes, it is. The port setup on Studio Manager and Editor software won't be remembered in default. But there are two ways to save those setups:
  1. Use the "Set Default" function: when you setup MIDI ports of Studio Manager and System Setup of Editor software, click on the "Set Default" button to save those setups. This works well when you have one console and one computer.
    However, if you have several combinations of products, you will see a pop-up window every time you start the program. The Studio Manager looks up all of the ports which were set as "default" when it starts. If the program finds one of those ports not activated, you will have the pop-up window.
  2. Use your default Studio Manager file (.YSM). When you finish setup of Studio Manager and Editor software, store a new YSM file to your desktop from the Studio Manager window (not from the console Editor window). The .YSM file has all MIDI port setup information and console parameters. You can start the program by double clicking the .YSM file next time. The entire port setup will be restored automatically and you will have a chance to select whether all of the data in the file will be uploaded to the console or not. (Of course, you can select an option for downloading data from the console to the program.) You may also have different .YSM files for different combinations of products.

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