Monday, April 28, 2008

AD8HR remote without a Yamaha console

Can AD8HR be remotely controlled by a Windows PC without a Yamaha console?

When a NAI48-ES interfaces between AD8HR's AES/EBU output and EtherSound (ES) digital audio network, the NAI48-ES translates a remote control command from ES-Monitor software running on the Windows PC via the ES network, which will be output from RS-422 port on the NAI48-ES to the AD8HRs.

Open the Control tab of the NAI48-ES and check the "AD8HR PC Remote Control" option. Now a new tab named AD8HR is available. Click the tab and control AD8HRs.

The other way may be using a DME unit. The DME interfaces between DME Designer running on a Windows PC and AD8HRs which are connected to the DME with RS-422 serial cable.

(DME Designer V3 Owner's manual, p.213)
"You can connect Yamaha AD824 and AD8HR A/D converters to a DME unit and control them remotely from DME Designer. DME Designer has a component editor for controlling [AD824] and [AD8HR] units.
If you arrange an [AD824] or [AD8HR] from [External Device] in the Zone window, select the connected DME unit in the properties dialog box, and double-click on an [AD824] or [AD8HR] block, the component editor is displayed."

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