Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meet, Joseph Lopez...24/7 Tech Support-YCATS

Meet our 24/7 Tech support, Joseph.
He is the guy you talk to when you call our emergency line in the middle of the night while on the west coast. He is now working double duty between Tech Support and us on the road.

He got a good initiation with us...ask him, he will be really happy to tell you all about it.

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Joseph L. Lopez said...

Before I begin I want to let you know that I am a seasoned tour guy but the following events do not portray that.
Tuesday the 19th I left Ontario, Ca to Miami arrived on time and met Shaun. We Stood at the baggage claim waiting for my luggage. Shaun who was playing Sudoku queitly stated, " Last time I checked in luggage to arrive in Miami, I received 3 days later." At that moment the bell rang and the luggage ramp stopped - my luggage was not to be seen.

Unpacking the the semi-truck is something I've done hundreds of times, but this particular time I decided to support and lift the 15 foot ramp into the trailer and in doing so I whacked my hand which was dead close to needing stiches.

Wed to Sun
The rest of the week was fairly smooth, back to the norm. Classes were full and educational. The Cuban food was good.

That following Sun the 25th, I flew from Miami to Nashville. I thought to myself maybe my Karma will be better here..

Unpacking the trailer was smooth. Setup was smooth. Well, I thought things were on the up and up..

Tuesday Night
Ate dinner late because I waited for my colleage to arrive from Ohio. Well the Philly Cheese steak was awesome until 2am which I did not know at the time but I had
come down with the stomuch flu....
I think I do not have to describe the next 36 hrs I spent in my hotel room. The only thing I will mention is I would awake to the ringing of my cellphone or a call from Jose, "You ok man?"...

Thursday & Friday
Phewww, all is well, things are back to normal, hopefully.

You prepare as best you can but sometimes "it" happens....