Friday, February 22, 2008

M7CL, Feb 21st in Miami (We are back!!)

It's been a long time....
Now, finally we are back to the tour again here in Miami.

Thank you for coming to our seminar this time. Actually, we had many people from outside of the state yesterday. Texas, Panama, etc..
M7CL school and PM5D school is now very popular and sometime it is very difficult to get in to the class because it is filled so quickly. At this moment, only one M7CL School in Nashville on February 29th is accepting your application.
We're sorry about this and trying to improve the situation in a few months. By then, please check our web site frequently to find a new schedule. The latest schedule is available at the bottom of this page and YCAS web site.

I'm uploading some of other pics from previous session in Buena Park, CA.

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