Monday, August 27, 2007

David Friss from Florida

Thank you, Dave!
(He was at the M7CL school in Detroit.)

"Attached is a pic of a few of our team by our new M7 console.

"Left to right...
Mike Corl - One of our camera operators.
(me) Dave Friss - Technical Director
Mike Sampson - Stage Manager
Lee Ann Martin - Lighting Designer
Carla Kelly - Worship Arts Assistant, and sound engineer
Julie Bassett - Lighting Designer (wearing green because she was in a drama today)

"We just moved into our new worship facility 2 months ago. Clark ProMedia (Alpharetta GA) was our design/build firm. We are thrilled with the entire system, and I'm enjoying working with the new digital sound console. The new facility can seat up to 1200, although it is currently set for 780 (big aisles). The day I flew back from the M7 class, the church had it's first outside event. Tim Hawkins, a professional comedian and musician performed to a sold out crowd of over 850 (they had to carry in more chairs). The console performed flawlessly, and because of scene recall, we were able to revert back to our settings for the weekend in seconds.

"Thanks for an awesome seminar, I feel that you guys have confirmed a lot of the stuff I had already picked up in the last two months of working with the console, and also illuminated quite a bit of deeper control techniques that I wasn't aware of yet. It was nice to step through the features at such depth. I would highly recommend your seminars to anyone who mixes on your consoles.

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