Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Texas, here we are...

We got to Frisco Sunday afternoon and early Monday morning we were at work.
Our trailer was full, no room for anything else (as you can see in the picture).
It was a challenge for us to get all the equipment in that trailer Friday morning, but we made it.
Hope all the people that apply will come to say hello and we are really excited that a new tour has begun.


Mike Nicoletti said...

A 53-foot 18 wheeler and we could not even fit dental floss between the cases!! ;^) Excellent job by Jose and Shaun to plan out the pack so we got it all in.

Andy said...

Y'all realize you just posted to a bunch of rock and roll and theatre guys that a single layered truck with tons of airspace is "full", LOL, right?

That isn't even close to full...you should see some of the trucks tours put out, especially low budget family tours like Vee Corporation's shows. 53' trailer packed to the gills, with a deck for hampers built out of plywood and load bars right up to the roof! It took calculators and AutoCAD drawings to get the thing balanced so it was legal to drive!

Keep up the great work guys, looking forward to M7 class at the end of the month to round out my PM1D and 5D training!