Monday, July 2, 2007

Other streaming videos?

Of course, we are discussing about other resources for you and always looking for a better way to reach more people.

Our current problem is the limited resource we have. We are not able to go every city in US every week. 19 cities in 26 weeks is the current target for this fiscal year. Isn't this enough for you? I know you would say "NO". If your are traveling around the country, you can imagine how it is going. It is very tough schedule already.
Even in the city we visited, there were many people who ware not able to attend the class because of the limited capacity, distance, or their schedule.

So, my current idea for a solution to it is web streaming video of our seminars. It won't be very pretty like the Randy's DVD. We shot PM5D school and M7CL school in Chicago. It was just a wide shoot from the back of the classroom. I'm editing M7CL school video for shorter format with some inserts of PowerPoint pages.

Someday in this year, we are going to start providing it.


Rodrigo said...
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Mike Brommer said...


Great Idea!

I know the road tour is hard on you folks so maybe a good video will cut into some of the need.

Worth a try anyhow.

Thanks for the services you all provide.