Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mike Eiseman from Chicago

Mike, thank you for sending a picture to us. Congratulations! Actually, you are the first guy who will get the sticker! We will send it in a few weeks. Please wait.

"Attached is an old picture of me with a PM5D – it’s a training session we gave to audio students at a local college quite some time ago (January 2005?)

[that’s me in the orange shirt]

I can’t send a current picture of me with our console. it always seems to be out on shows and rentals!

When it comes back and we update the software – I’ll get a new picture."

You ware doing PM5D School before we started!!

By the way, at this moment, this blog doesn't have so much traffic. But we are going to send a newsletter with this info to 4k people in this week. So, if you are planning to send yours, hurry up!

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