Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Digital SR Systems 101 in Buena Park, CA

I and Jose always say DSR101 is our best seminar. From microphones to speakers, four or more teachers are talking about SR system. It is a very interesting and informative class.
Please give us your comment about the class!


Jerry said...


just wanna to leave my contact info , i think we should keep a network of people that assisted to the seminar

so mine is

Jerry Lopez
323 9745928

production mngr, tour mngr, sound eng

beachgonzo said...


i agree with jerry. we can utilize the class photo to put face to the name.

Rob Cope

Tour Mgr., Audio, Backine & Promotions.

beachgonzo said...

The class was great as always. I would like to make the suggestion that it be more hands on.

it would be great to have the class include the wiring of the system during the class. perhaps projected onto the projection screen.

also, it would be really cool to do an actual set up of a line array in class. it would be pretty simple to ground stack a small line array set up.

Thanks again and looking forward to attending more classes.

Until then I will be working in Atlantic City at the Tropicana with Franz Harary until September 7th.

Rob Cope

Ron said...

Shawn, Jose, Mike .... you guys are awesome .... this dsr seminar was the best yet .... and the Shure presentation was a real treat and eyeopener for me and cleared up some RF issues that have puzzled me for years . Where can we get Tim's power point presentation. Thanks for a great year, and I am looking forward to hosting the Cabo Training Center.. LOL ... Take care and have a great year, Ron Litz

Shaun "MANNY" Kamiya said...

Jerry, Rob, and Ron, thank you for your comment.
It is very good idea to keep this network. Please feel free to use this space.

I'm preparing a pdf file of the presentation material. Will be announced soon. Please wait.