Thursday, June 14, 2007

"SNEAK" Preview

There are the pictures I took this week for you to download.

I hope you guys who were in the meeting could receive enough information and be more familiar with the products. Please tell me about your impression and when you use it in your project, send me a picture with you.
And people who could not attend this, I hope to see you next time. (To readers of this Blog, I would like to invite some of you when we have a similar event next time.)
Your suggestions have been very much appreciated and we are studying about them to be realized.

Terry and Toshi (from Yamaha Corporation of Japan), thank you very much for your help. I saw you were suffering from jet lag but I believed you got very good information and experience from the people. I’m waiting for you to bring more development staff from Japan to visit our seminars to see our customers.


It was a “SNEAK” preview meeting, though everyone knew the products.
I tried to hide the product name from the picture ;-)

June 12:

June 13:

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