Thursday, June 28, 2007

Digital Mixing 101 in Buena Park

I was very much behind the schedule... I could skip a couple of parts, but I couldn't. Because it was so fun to talk about those technical stuff. ;-)

When I was in an university in Japan (more than 10 years ago....), I was mixing bands for "Folk-ken" which is a rock and pop music band club. I was playing drums for some rock bands and a jazz fusion band in the club. The second year with the club, I was assigned to the chief audio engineer for the club and had been fascinated with mixing live music.
A couple of years later, I got a master degree of engineering and joined to Yamaha Japan. The way to be assigned to a job in a company is different from here in US. We are hired as electrical engineers and we didn't know which part of Yamaha we would be assigned to. I hoped to be assigned to the professional audio division and hopefully I was.

The first console I personally owned was "Yamaha ProMix01". I switched the club's old analog board with it at one of club concerts. I was surprised with the cleanness of the sound so much. It was my first encounter with a digital console.

With Yamaha, I designed analog consoles because it is more interesting than digital console but I was mixing many small live shows with a small digital console, 01v, because it was so powerful for many types of applications.

I hope you could get clear idea for signal flow of the system. It was most important part of the seminar today.
See you next time!


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