Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Should I update my console?

We are doing PM1D school here in New York.
Around 20 people were enjoying the 1st day of it.

This morning, Jose and I had to visit a venue to update a PM1D system. It had version conflict between the console and the other components. The update took us around 20 minutes. Then, we came back to the hotel to continue our seminar.

There is sometimes an argument about updating system software.
Our recommendation is always "When you use a digital console, please make sure if it has the latest system software". But you might say "I would like to avoid to install the latest one because it is so new and no proof in the market".

It is true. But three month later, there's many reasons to update your console.
- Someone in the market has tested the new software (<-"Hito-bashira" in Japanese)
- If there's an issue with it, you should see a minor version-up in the meantime
- If the version-up is major (1st digit:ex. 1.xx -> 2.xx), you will get many new functions requested
- If the version-up is minor (2nd digit:ex. 1.1x -> 1.2x), you will get a few new functions and more reliable software
- If the version-up is very minor (3rd digit:ex. 1.21 -> 1.22), you will get more reliable software
So, the minor version-up generally gives you more reliable system.

Of course, if the system is working stably enough and you are running a tour, there's no reason to update the system now. But after closing the tour, let's think about updating the system. And if you have two or more systems, please make sure all of them has the same version. Otherwise, you may have a problem like the one we had this morning.

I don't say you should update your system now. But please check its update history from the website. You might find an useful new function in the list which would be worth consideration.

By the way, please don't update your console 10 minutes before the show!

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