Friday, May 25, 2007

M7CL Nashville

This was an excellent day for us. We had a big group, good questions and a lot of sense of humor.
It was a pleasure for us to spend this time with all of you and we will be back in a near future.
Now is time to move to our next stop. Equipment will be in the trailer tonight and on its way to Chicago for Monday morning set-up.
Don't forget to send us your pictures.
Thanks Nashville!!!


Joe said...

Manny aka Shawn is the Man! He is a smart dude and even looks smart! Becareful though don't piss him off he knows kung fu!

Thanks for everything you guys its been great and fun. We will see you all in Florida! Be safe and have fun!


Daniel Prince said...

I truly enjoy taking the class. the Trainers were good and I learned a lot from it.

Shaun "MANNY" Kamiya said...

Thank you, Joe and Daniel.
We really enjoyed the week with you guys! See you next time.